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Marija Popovic

Albena Baeva | Visual Artist | BUL

Albena Baeva works in the field of interactive design, experimental video and performance. In 2010 she graduated the master programme Digital Art at the Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

She uses open source software and DIY practices for building new musical instruments and interactive installations for urban space and galleries.

Her works have been shown in Finland, Cyprus, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Romania, Italy and Bulgaria.

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    I see the Danube as a living structure that has both political and social functions. It has a long history as a political border and a trade connection simultaneously. For the RIVE project I plan to create an interactive video installation that will be part of the dance piece which is to be created by choreographer Jivko Jeliazkov. There will be a generative-video structure that will interact with the four dancers in the piece. The structure will behave in different ways depending on the number of dancers that interact with it. The different combination between body positions and number of participants in the piece will explore a variety of historical and geographical meanings of the Danube. During the day, the installation will also be open to the general audience during as a part of the exhibition space on the border. This will create a closer relation between audience and art piece and it will give a variety of additional meanings to the piece and the RIVE project.

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Max Biskup | Visual Artist | AUT

Max Biskup works in the field of Film, Video and Photography. In the past he has made documentaries, music videos, video installations and television series.


His installations have been shown at festivals and venues  such as the Wiener Festwochen, Opera Nuremberg, MQ, Tanzwoche Dresden, Berlin 36 and the Volksoper Vienna.

His work in Film and TV includes productions for MTV, Vice, ORF, PRO 7, STV.

Advertising work includes Brands like Ford, Louis Vuitton and the Red Cross.


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